Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kick Starter Success!

Thanks to your support we successfully achieved funding well beyond our expectations.  As we continue to work towards completion we are excited to share updates on progress of the film as well as the festivals we will be submitting to.  We are mostly focused on the finishing touches of the film and will share updates in the future on the prizes as they are created.

The first of many film festivals we are applying to is Ottawa International Animation Festival, (, which is the largest animation film festival in North America.

For those of you in Kansas City, our Kickstarter project, among others, was featured in a recent issue of Ink magazine, (04/06/11 Vol 4, Issue 2). For those of you outside of Kansas City you can read the article here.

We are extremely grateful for all of your support and are very excited to share our hard work with those of you who supported us and the world!

Eric, Ben, and Stephen

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  1. Bad ass. Good job guys. Keep working hard, you won't regret not sleeping. It seriously will become a nostalgic time to look back on. WORK! DON"T SLEEP! MAKE IT PERFECT! RE ANIMATE THINGS!